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Dorielle Crystal Inlay Round Top Accent Table Mirror

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* Round pedestal design with a column shaped stand offers a classic look and feel
* Mirror tile trim encompasses the surface for a highly reflective frame
* The round tabletop is encrusted with a crystal acrylic material for a luxe touch
* Flush base offers a sturdy foundation and smooth ledge
* A slim beveled edge on each tile creates subtle texture and dimension

* Finish: Mirror

Luxurious elements come together to create a chic vibe in this modern glam accent table. The pedestal style keeps a simple contemporary silhouette that slides into the room effortlessly. Covered entirely in a reflective mirror tile, this accent table is elevated into a stunning statement piece within your living room or bedroom interior. A crystal acrylic encrusted center on the top surface sparkles and glimmers with delight. Slim beveled edges on each tile create extra dimension.

Description Width Depth Height Diameter Depth Open Height Open
Side Table 19.50 19.50 24.00