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Tavin Geometric Frame Cheval Mirror

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* Rectangular silhouette stands vertical and tall in a room
* Open, boxy shapes create the frame and an edgy, bold aesthetic
* Mirror trim frame glistens with a subtle bevel edge and sleek profile
* A black tone kickstand leans the mirror back, reflecting your whole look

* Finish: Mirror

Check your fashionable ensemble with this charming, modern glam cheval mirror. A sophisticated frame of open rectangles and squares surrounds the main mirror, lending a Greek key-inspired silhouette for a classical aesthetic. Each sleek, boxy shape is covered in a mirror trim tile designed with a subtle bevel edge for a hint of texture and extra dimension. A rear kickstand leans the cheval mirror backward ever so slightly, allowing you to see your whole look before stepping out for dates and workdays. Place this elegant cheval mirror in your bedroom to create an instant dressing area.

Description Length Width Depth Height Diameter Depth Open Height Open
CHEVAL MIRROR   23.50 24.25 65.00